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Experience the flavors of a Chinese breakfast on our Food City Tour. Witness the vibrant scene as people prepare delicious dumplings, a culinary delight in the heart of China's culinary culture.


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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. Witness the magical sculptures and vibrant scenes on our curated trips to this winter wonderland, where every moment is a celebration of art and nature.
Pack your bags for unforgettable adventures! Explore China with our curated trips, where every suitcase holds the promise of exciting discoveries and memorable experiences.

!Xmas【Dec 23-25 and All year】Harbin Ice & Snow World!

Harbin Ice & Snow World

Authentic Dumpling-Making: A delightful scene from our China Food Tour breakfast in Shanghai
Indulge in the culinary delights of our City Food Tours in China. Iconic bowl noodle soup, a perfect representation of our flavorful breakfasts and dinners, showcasing the diverse and delectable cuisine awaiting you.

Shanghai Breakfast Tour: Lilong & Matchmaking Corner 🥟💕

Shanghai Breakfast Walking Tour

Calm lake with surrounding snowy hills under a blue sky.
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Tibet Tour: 6 days Lhasa, Yamdrok Lake & Shigatse.

Experience the beauty and culture of Tibet in just 6 days.

Lush green rice terraces with a hut in a rural landscape.
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【Christmas】Bali island 7 days DeepDive! Family Friendly!

Bali Island Adventure Family friendly!


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What Our Customers Say


"M2 is my first choice of any travel group within China. This is my 8th trip with them and many more to come. They are consistent with excellent planning, well organized, fun, friendly and knowledgeable team leaders. You meet like-minded people and most importantly you will have fun."

Agnes Sophie R

“I have been on several overnight (Great Wall hiking, Silk Road) and day trips (guided city walks, cinema river hiking) by M2 and truly enjoyed all of them. Fantastic team which cares for everyone’s safety and makes sure everyone is having fun. It has always been an adventure and good opportunity to build a community if you’re new in Shanghai. Good organization and reliable (English) communication as well as fair pricing. I can totally recommend M2 and their trips!"

Toby Marsh

"Went on an amazing breakfast walking tour of Shanghai with M2. My sister is visiting me in Shanghai and it was the perfect introduction to the local area and food. Recommend the tour for tourists and people living in Shanghai too. Wonderful experience and Nan Nan is the best guide!! <3 Great price and wide range of delicious food."

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