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Shanghai Eats: Breakfast Tour Lilong & Matchmaking Corner

Shanghai > People Square

Trip Details:

From 49$ (350rmb)

3 Hours


Not far from the bund are those lane houses and humble local shops that make you feel like you're getting to know the "real" Shanghai.

During this breakfast tour, we will wander through the streets between the Bund and People's Square to glimpse into daily scenes of local life in these soon-to-disappear Shikumen.

Along the way, we will taste the authentic flavors of Shanghai's breakfast including Shengjian, Xiaolongbao, Jianbing, soup dumplings, baozi, and more. All well selected local shops run & operated by locals for decade, where you will have a chance to get to chat with them a bit about their daily routine as well as their life and dreams live in this big city.

We will then head to People Square matchmaking corner kind of an offline Tinder! Where parents come hoping to find suitable partners for their unmarried children.

Diverse local dishes displayed on a food tour, showcasing a range of colorful and appetizing culinary specialties, inviting a gastronomic exploration.


Lilong is a type of residential community or neighborhood composed of long rows of Shikumen houses, rowhouses, or apartment buildings. These houses often have a stone gateway leading into interconnected courtyards with residences. They are a symbol of traditional Shanghai living and are becoming increasingly rare as the city modernizes.

Vibrant street scene of a Shanghai food tour, featuring diverse local cuisine at bustling market stalls and eager food enthusiasts exploring the flavors.


🎎 Glimpse into lane-houses local life

🍛 Taste more than 12 local breakfast items

🌟 Witness the intriguing matchmaking corner


- Xiaolongbao/ Steamed Buns
- Shenjian/Pan fried Buns
- Fried Dumplings
- Youtiao/deep-fried dough sticks
- Sesame balls
- Bean curd
- Soy milk
- Siu mai
- Egg-filled pancakes
- Wonton stew
- Meat Bao/BlackBean Bao/Vegan Bao
- Rice Balls
- Rice porridge
- Beef Soup
- Tonkatsu/ Fried Pork Chop
- Local Coffee
- and more


Get a glimpse of the the Tour Experience!

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Group tour: 350¥ (min 4ppl, max 8)

Private tour: Price will depend on the number of people. Ask us for a quotation


- Professional English Speaking guide
- 12+ breakfast items
- Coffee break
- M2 organizing fee


Group tour:
- Every Sunday

Private tour: Choose the date!


- Drinks & meals not mentioned
- Tips for guide
- Optional activities not mentioned

Cancellation Policy

- If you cancel within 2 days before departure, you won't qualify for a refund but you can use the money for your next booking with M2.
- If you cancel last minute (less than 24h in advance) you won't qualify for a refund nor be able to use the money for the next booking

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