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The Ultimate Harbin Ice & Snow World Travel Guide!

Harbin Ice and Snow World Tower of Ice
Harbin Ice and Snow World 2024

Winter's back, and guess what? It's playtime at Harbin Ice and Snow World! You'll find everything about the Ice & Snow World in this article! Guides, Tips, etc.

Whether you go to the Ice & Snow Worlds with M2adventure or alone, this article will help you make the most of your time there!

☃️ Let's get this frosty party started!


Part 1. Pricing

The ticket price for this year's festival is 328 RMB*For children, senior citizens, and students, it is 240 RMB.

❄️ Where to buy tickets? ❄️

If you go with M2adventure, you don't need to worry about managing to get tickets.

If you go alone, you can buy on-site (not recommended) or online via the Ice & Snow World Official Wechat Account (see below). 

*Using a phone to purchase tickets is recommended

Step 1 Purchasing Ice and Snow World Tickets

Step 2 Purchasing Ice and Snow World Tickets

Part 2. Detailed Map Guide of Harbin Ice & Snow World

Detailed Picture of Harbin Ice & Snow World Map Translated
To view activity details, simply click on the map and zoom in as needed.

Add us on WeChat: "M2adventure." (or scan the code below) to get the high resolution of the Ice World English map.

M2 Mariane WeChat QR Code

Harbin Ice Sculpture Sights

1. Dragon Gate

2. Ice Forest

3. Guest Plaza

4. Dazzling Logo

5. Tower of Ice  👍🏻 

6. Ice Journey  👍🏻

7. Ice Piano

8. Light Competition Exhibition

9. Snow Buddha Kingdom

10. Ice Dream 👍🏻

11. Century Clock 👍🏻

12. Ice Castle 👍🏻

13. Scenic Viewpoint

14. Performance Stage 👍🏻 

15. Winter Olympics Champions Wall

16. Snow Reflecting Radiance

17. Dance of the Sky

18. Ice Sculpture competition building

19. Ice Valley 👍🏻

20. Fairy Tale Kingdom  👍🏻

21. Flower Sea

22. Soaring Dragon

Harbin Entertainment/Activity

1. Super Ice Slide

2. Snowflake Ferris Wheel

3. Motor pulled SnowTubing 

4. Ice Zorbing

5. 4WD Vehicle

6. Snow Motorbike

7. Car driving show

8. Ice Karting

9. Reindeer Tribe

10. Curling

Service Areas

1. Ice Show Performance

2. RV Campsite

3. Restaurant

4. Four Seasons Playground   

5. Ice Hot Pot

6. Ice Bar 

7. Ice Hotel

Other Services

1. Tourist Service Center

2. Cold Protection Supplies

3. Equipment Rental

4. Restroom/Toilets

5. Snow Slope

6. Photo Viewpoints

Other Service Providers

1. Snow Photography

2. Hot Drinks Shop

3. Chinese Restaurant

4. Snack Shop

5. Yogurt & Ice Cream

9. Coffee and Milk Tea 

10. Paranomic Photography Helmet

11. Smart Photography

Harbin Snowflake Ferris Wheel Waiting Hall

1. Warm Food Cottage

2. Taiyaki snacks

3. Roasted Chestnuts

4. Chocolate Yogurt Bar

5. Hot Drinks Shop

7. Gift Shop

Part 3. Main Attractions

Tower of Ice

Harbin's Tower of Ice Night Time
Harbin's Tower of Ice Night Time

Standing just 43 meters high, the Tower of Ice is beautiful at night with the lights on! It is so beautiful that you may forget to leave, haha!

Snowflake Ferris Wheel

Snowflake Ferris Wheel Night Time
Snowflake Ferris Wheel Night Time

This year's Snow Ferris Wheel has four themed cars: parent-child, love, KTV, and business. Come and experience the beautiful scenes of the Songhua River from the top!

*You must make an online reservation on the same day ( We recommend going at sunset!)

Super Ice Slide

Super Ice Slide Harbin
Harbin Ice and Snow World Super Slide

This year, the number of slides increased from 8 to 14. The longest slide measures up to 521 meters long! This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your Fast and Furious experience!

Part 4. Performances and Shows

Harbin Ice Show

This performance features 50 talented and amazing artists from over 12 countries, including Russia, the United States, Belarus, and the United Kingdom.

Watch them perform difficult ice performances, cool high-altitude acrobatic shows, European-style dances and other repertoire, presenting you with the world's top-level ice and snow performance show.

Ten Thousand People Down Jacket Snow Party

This is the most popular outdoor performance event on the dream stage every night.

During the performance, get a chance to interact with internet celebrity host "Left and Right Brother" as he makes you dance with the others.

Car Driving Show

This performance is the first of its kind presented by China's top car stunt team. Feel your enthusiasm surging as the car engines roar and the full atmosphere.

Want to travel to Harbin?

🌟 Next Dates Available:

  • Dec 30 - 1

  • Jan 5 - 7

  • Jan 12 - 14

  • Jan 19 - 21

  • Jan 26 - 28

  • CNY Feb 10 - 12

  • CNY Feb 13 - 15

  • Feb 23 - 25

M2 Mariane WeChat QR Code
Add us on WeChat for booking & questions

Part 5. How to get there?

Here are some ways you can go to Harbin's Ice and Snow World:


  • Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Ice and Snow World Station.

  • Exit from Exit 3. There are signs inside the subway.

  • Then, go to the ticket checking hall to check in and enter.


Here are some Bus Lines you can take to go to Harbin Ice and Snow World:

No. 225, No. 226, No. 251, No. 346, No. 551, No. 552, No. S11, and Airport Bus Line 4

Car Entry & Exit Routes

  • Approach from the south of the Yangtze River: highway bridge - ring road under the bridge - Ice and Snow World Road - Binghua Road - Snowflake Road - Bingfeng Road - enter the parking lot of Area B.

  • Approach from Jiangbei direction: Songbei Avenue - Bingshan Road - Ice and Snow World Road - enter the parking lots of Areas A and B.

  • Appearance in the direction of Jiangnan: Ice and Snow World Road - Bingfeng Road - Songbei Avenue - Highway Bridge - Jiangnan.

  • Direction to Jiangbei: Ice and Snow World Road - Qiaoxia Ring Road - Songbei Avenue - Jiangbei.   

Part 6. Tips

It's cold, and the roads are slippery. Wear appropriate clothes/shoes to keep warm and prevent falls. Be sure to get good hats, gloves, scarves, and warm, waterproof shoes. You can also bring some warm patches.

Packing checklist 

-Thermal Layers

-Fleece or down jacket

-Winter/Ski jacket (warm & waterproof)

-Winter/Ski pants (warm & waterproof)

- Hat & gloves 

-Bandana / Balaclava

-Ski Boots (warm & waterproof)

If you don't want to spend too much money on new equipment, check out M2adventure's 2nd hand WeChat group dedicated to winter gear! 

M2 2nd Hand Winter Gear Group WeChat QR

Bring a power bank with you. The temperature is low, and mobile phones lose power quickly. Cameras and SLR cameras also lose power easily. You can rent a shared power bank in the park.

❃ Do not purchase reservation QR codes from non-official channels to avoid scams.

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