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Harbin Ice Festival FAQs 2023-2024: Your Complete Guide to Dates, Costs, and Highlights.

Updated: Jan 11

Large snowman sculpture at the Harbin Snow Festival, adorned with intricate ice carvings and set against a snowy backdrop.


What is the population of Harbin, China?

Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, is home to about 6 million people, making it a bustling hub in northeast China.

What language is spoken in Harbin, China?

Mandarin Chinese is the primary language spoken in Harbin, with a unique northeastern accent.

What do Harbin people eat?

Harbin locals enjoy hearty cuisine like dumplings, stews, and the famous Harbin sausage, perfect for the cold climate.

When should I visit Harbin?

The best time to visit Harbin is from late December to February, aligning with the Harbin Ice Festival for a truly icy experience.

Why is Harbin famous?

Harbin is famous for its Ice Festival, unique Russian-influenced architecture, and rich cultural history.

Sophia Cathedral in Harbin under a snowy sky, showcasing its distinct Russian architectural style.

How long should I spend in Harbin?

A 3-5 day trip is ideal for fully experiencing Harbin's Ice Festival and exploring the city's other winter attractions.

Can I skip the Festival of Ice? Is the Harbin Ice Festival worth it?

The Harbin Ice Festival is renowned for its stunning ice sculptures and unique winter ambiance and offers a distinctive cultural experience. Most visitors consider it a valuable and worthwhile part of their journey. While Harbin has other winter attractions, omitting a visit to the Ice and Snow World or Sun Island might leave your trip feeling incomplete.

❄️Harbin Ice Festival 2023/2024

Illuminated ice sculptures at the Harbin Ice Festival, showcasing intricate designs and vibrant colors against the night sky

What is the largest ice festival in the world?

The Harbin Ice Festival is renowned as the world's largest ice festival, celebrated for its spectacular ice sculptures and vibrant light displays.

Where is the world's largest ice and snow festival located? Where in

China is the ice festival every year? Where is the largest ice city in China?

The world's largest ice and snow festival is located in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China, attracting global attention for its spectacular ice artistry.  It is considered the largest ice city in China, renowned for its sprawling Ice Festival featuring colossal ice structures.

What is the Harbin festival in English?

In English, the Harbin festival is called the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

Who celebrates the Ice Festival?

The Ice Festival in Harbin is celebrated by locals and visitors from around the world, all coming together to enjoy the winter festivities.

How did the Harbin festival start? What is the history of Harbin?

The Harbin festival started in the 1960s as a local winter event and has evolved into a world-famous festival. Harbin's history is rich, influenced by Russian and other cultures due to its strategic location.

Woman posing beside a large snow sculpture on Harbin's Sun Island, with detailed artwork in the background.

How long does the Harbin Ice Festival last?

The Harbin Ice Festival typically dazzles visitors for about three months, often stretching from mid-late December to late February or early March, depending on the weather conditions. This year, the Ice and Snow World opened on December 18th, 2023. The official opening ceremony is on January 5th, 2024. 

How many people go to the Harbin Ice Festival every year?

The number of visitors to the festival annually ranges between 10 to 15 million. This makes it one of the largest ice and snow festivals in the world in terms of scale and duration. 

How much does it cost to go to the Harbin Ice Festival?

Entry fees to the Harbin Ice & Snow Festival this year (2023/2024) are 328 RMB. For children, senior citizens, and students it is 240 RMB.

Banner for Harbin trip details, featuring text overlay and images of Harbin's attractions.

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What do people do at the Harbin Ice Festival?

Visitors at the Harbin Ice Festival enjoy marveling at the giant ice sculptures, experiencing ice slides, and attending various cultural events and performances.

What happens at the Festival of Ice?

The Festival of Ice in Harbin features grand ice sculptures, light shows, cultural performances, and fun activities like ice skating and snow sliding. 


Outdoor snow sculpture in Harbin, depicting an intricate design set against a snowy landscape.

How cold is the Harbin Ice Festival?

During the Harbin Ice Festival, temperatures can drop to -20°C (-4°F), making it a chilly yet magical winter experience.

What is the record cold in Harbin?

Harbin's record low temperature dipped to around -38°C (-36°F), reflecting its reputation as one of China's coldest cities.

Is Harbin the coldest city/place in China? Is Harbin cold all year?

Harbin is among China's coldest cities, especially during its freezing winters, but it experiences warmer temperatures during its brief summer months.

What is the weather like in Harbin in December?

In December, Harbin's weather is extremely cold with average temperatures around -13°C (9°F) during the daytime and around -17°C (1°F) at nighttime.

What is the weather like in Harbin in January?

In January, Harbin's weather is extremely cold with average temperatures around -20°C (-4°F) during the daytime and around -25°C (-13°F) at nighttime.

What is the weather like in Harbin in February?

In February, Harbin's weather is extremely cold with average temperatures around -15°C (5°F) during the daytime and around -25°C (-13°F) at nighttime.

Snow-covered tree alley in Harbin, creating a serene, winter wonderland atmosphere.

Why is Harbin so cold?

Harbin's frigid climate is due to its northerly latitude and proximity to Siberia, contributing to its long, cold winters.

Does Harbin, China have snow? Is it always snowing in Harbin, China?

Harbin has a cold and snowy climate in the winter. However, it doesn't snow year-round, nor is it always snowing. Typically, the snowy season in Harbin starts in late November or December and lasts through February or even early March. During this period, you can expect to see a significant amount of snowfall and enjoy the city's famous ice and snow sculptures. 

How to dress for Harbin winter?

Dressing for Harbin's winter means layering up with thermal wear, waterproof coats, insulated boots, and protective accessories like gloves and hats.

Anything else you’d like to know about Harbin?

Let us know and we’ll answer all your questions.

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