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Shanghai Night Eats: Eat Like a Local

Shanghai > Dinner

Trip Details:

From 69$ (499rmb)

3.5 Hours


Whether you've been living in Shanghai for years or freshly arrived in the city, this food tour will surprise you!

Knowledgeable guide WEN will lead you through a mouthwatering journey of Shanghai's culinary wonders and unveils hidden gems and iconic dishes, tantalizing your taste buds with every bite.🌟

Plus a draft beer to water those food down.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family-friendly

Diverse local dishes displayed on a food tour, showcasing a range of colorful and appetizing culinary specialties, inviting a gastronomic exploration.


After the First Opium War, Shanghai began to open up to the world, and was divided to three zones, each governed by distinct regulations. After the opening of Dashijie Amusement Park in 1917, South Yunnan Road underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving into a bustling food street.

Vibrant street scene of a Shanghai food tour, featuring diverse local cuisine at bustling market stalls and eager food enthusiasts exploring the flavors.


🍛 Discover an authentic list of Shanghai cuisines.
🎎 Immerse yourself in the local culture and socialize while experiencing the diverse range of foods.


- Beijing Roast Duck
- Chicken Skewers
- Sheng Jian Bao
- ZongZi (Rice Dumpling)
- Cold Chicken
- Shanghai Ruby Cake


Get a glimpse of the the Tour Experience!

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From 69$ (499rmb)


- Professional English Speaking guide
- All the food listed, including several tastings, one main meal in the Muslim restaurant (including one main dish, one beer/soft drink, one lamb kebab)
- Beers and soft drinks during the stay of those restaurants
- One craft Beer at a local Pub at the end
- M2 organizing fee


Private Tour: available daily all year long


- Drinks & food not mentioned
- Tips for guide
- Optional Activities

Cancellation Policy

- If you cancel within 2 days before departure, you won't qualify for a refund but you can use the money for your next booking.
- If you cancel last minute (less than 24h in advance) you won't qualify for a refund nor be able to use the money for the next booking.

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