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Xi’An City Tour: Terracotta Warriors and City Wall

Xi'an Historical Tour

Trip Details:

From 70$ (500¥)

1 Day



Dive into the heart of Xi'an with our extraordinary tour! Immerse yourself in the legacy of the Terra-cotta Warriors Museum, feel the pulse of history on the towering city wall, and seek serenity at the iconic Big Goose Pagoda. What truly makes this journey unforgettable is our culinary exploration at the lively Muslim Bazaar – a feast for the senses! Join us on a quest through time, flavor, and culture in the captivating city of Xi'an. Uncover the magic that awaits at every turn! 🍜🏛️🔍



🌟 Welcome to the enchanting city of Xi'an, where history unfolds like a captivating story! Embark on a journey with us as we unveil the mysteries of the Terra-cotta Warriors Museum, stroll atop the ancient city wall, and marvel at the grace of the Big Goose Pagoda. But that's not all – prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure at the vibrant Muslim Bazaar. Xi'an awaits, promising a blend of culture, history, and delectable delights! 🥢🏰🌆


⛩️ Wander through the Terra-cotta Warriors Museum.
⛩️ Walk on the city wall and explore the Big Goose Pagoda.
⛩️ Eat your way through Xi'an with an exotic food tour experience at the Muslim bazaar.


'- Terracotta Warriors
- Xi'An City Wall
- Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta)
- Muslim Bazaar & food tour



Get a glimpse of the the Tour Experience!

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From 70$ (500¥) The price will depend on the number of people you have. Contact us for a quotation 😊


'- 1 hotel pickup (in the city center)
- 1 hotel drop-off (in the city center)
- Professional English Speaking local guide
- Private transfer as mentioned in the itinerary
- Entrance fee to The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses
- Big Goose Pagoda
- Xi'an City Wall
- 2 Bottles of water per ppl
- Lunch at famous Chinese restaurant "Daqing xiaoyan"


Available daily all year long


'- Drinks & meals not mentioned
- Tips for guide & driver
- Optional activities such as biking on the city wall...

Cancellation Policy

'- If you cancel within 2 days before departure, you won't qualify for a refund but you can use the money for your next booking.
- If you cancel last minute (less than 24h in advance) you won't qualify for a refund nor be able to use the money for the next booking.

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