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Shanghai: Old Town

Shanghai > Old Town

Trip Details:

From 35$ (220¥)

2.5 Hours



Whether you've been living in Shanghai for years or freshly arrived in the city, this walking tour will surprise you!

Wen - your local guide - will tell you all the stories & histories about these fascinating spots.

After the walking tour, you'll have a coffee break with Wen to discuss and share ideas.



After the First Opium War, Shanghai opened up to the world, with the British being the first to establish the British settlement. Shortly after, the United States and France also arrived and established the American settlement and French Concession respectively.

Eventually, Shanghai became divided into three zones, each governed by different rules.

One of these zones is Shanghai Old Town, which was once referred to as a small fishing village. Initially, Shanghai was a village during the Tang Dynasty and later developed into a town during the Song Dynasty. It was finally promoted to a county-level administration in the Yuan Dynasty in 1291.

In 1553, Shanghai constructed city walls as a defense against Japanese Pirates. During our walk, we will have the opportunity to encounter these 400-year-old walls and learn about their history.

Additionally, the walk includes visits to other notable sites such as Siming Guild Hall, Ziyuan Garden, Ten Thousand Bamboos Elementary School, and the Confucius Temple.


⛩️ 400 years old city walls in downtown of Shanghai

🏘️ The Street life in Shanghai

🏞️ Ziyuan Garden - Einstein’s banquet site in 1922


- Shanghai City Wall
- Siming Guild Hall
- Ten Thousand Bamboos Elementary School-"Wan Zhu Shanju"
- The Confucious Temple
- Ziyuan Garden



Get a glimpse of the the Tour Experience!

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From 35$ (220¥) The price will depend on the number of people you have. Contact us for a quotation 😊


- Professional English Speaking guide
- One coffee during coffee break
- M2 organizing fee


Available daily all year long


- Drinks & Meals not mentioned
- Tips for guide
- Optional activities not mentioned

Cancellation Policy

- If you cancel within 3 days before departure, you won't qualify for a refund but you can use the money for your next booking.
- If you cancel last minute (less than 24h in advance) you won't qualify for a refund nor be able to use the money for the next booking.

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