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Shanghai: Architect Hudec's Legacy

Shanghai > Xinhua Road & Columbia Circle

Trip Details:

From 35$ (220¥)

2.5 Hours



Unlock Shanghai's hidden charm on this Hudec's Legacy walking tour. Join us to travel time and space and unlock the secrets of Shanghai's architectural history.

Stroll through the enchanting Columbia Circle and nearby Xinhua Road hidden villas, showcasing the genius of Laszlo Hudec, a visionary architect of the early 20th century.

Experience the fusion of Art Deco and modern design, and discover how Hudec's legacy shaped the city.



Laszlo Hudec - a Hungarian-American architect - arrived in Shanghai in 1918. He is known for his significant contributions to the architectural landscape of Shanghai. His work in Shanghai left a lasting legacy and played a crucial role in shaping the city's modern architectural identity.

Below is one of the early letters Hudec wrote to his family about his life in Shanghai. It starts like this:

"Dear Parents!

It is so hot here now. Even after 10 pm, it's still 106 Fahrenheit (41°C), humid and warm, which wasn't like this many years. I am sitting here on a towel and wearing a kimono. But all is wet now...

——1920 July 29th"


We will first stop at the historic Shanghai Film Center. Not many people know that back in the 1930s it used to be the renowned Columbia Riding School. Recently renovated, the Shanghai Film Center is now an iconic cultural landmark in the city.

Our next destination takes us to Xinhua Road, often celebrated as Shanghai's "first garden road," and known for its abundant collection of over 270 foreign-style villas. Here, we'll check the former residence of the legendary architect, Laszlo Hudec. Explore this meticulously preserved home and its charming gardens, once owned by the visionary behind some of Shanghai's most iconic structures. Learn about Hudec's life and the enduring impact he left on the city's architectural heritage.

Finally, explore the historic Columbia Country Club, which has seen a transformation from a hub of colonial-era social life to a modern cultural and recreational space. Discover the fascinating history of this club, which has hosted Shanghai's elite for leisure and recreation.

Conclude this City Walk at the Columbia Circle, sharing a coffee and taking a moment to reflect on the rich history and architectural wonders we've experienced throughout the day


- Shanghai Film Center
- Xinhua Road
- Former residence of the legendary architect, Laszlo Hudec
- Columbia Country Club
- Columbia Circle



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