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Keep Your Life Adventurous


Flexible itineraries to discover Tibet sceneries and culture...


Great Wall

Hike and Camp on the Wild part of the wall...

Image by Kalen Emsley

Hiking, biking, horse riding, hot spring...


Yellow Mt

Avoid tourist by hiking the hidden West Sea Valley...


Silk Road

Discover the beautiful Gansu and Qinghai provinces.

Zhangjiajie Mountains B HDR 1 Edit 1.jpg


Discover the amazing sceneries that inspired the movie...

Who we are...

We are a friendly community for people who like to travel and Adventure! We bring you to hidden places around Shanghai and China to hike or try exciting activities such as Skydiving, watersports, ski, and snowboarding...

We like to discover the hidden paths and explore the secret places. Let us take you on our journey and discover the "real" China, the Adventurous way

Miller & Mariane

Founders of M2adventure



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